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of america's most vocal critics. we shouldn't forget the difference between the ability of our government to collect information online under strict guidelines and for narrow purposes than the willingness of some other governments to throw their own citizens in prison for what they say online. >> stephanie: talking to you, putin. >> we're not there. >> stephanie: right. [ ♪ battle hymn of republic ] >> i'm with alan grayson. >> stephanie: what did edward snowden get wrong? everything. andrew lightman in the "l.a. times." we posted this up at stephanie miller facebook. snowden is out of his limbo. i hope the food is lousy, the winter is cold and the internet access is awful. >> it is russia. you're pretty much guaranteed all three of those. >> stephanie: i worry more about the damage snowden has done and could still do to strike the right balance between privacy and security. i do, too. he says those following snowden should understand two key points. first, though many things need to be kept secret in today's dangerous world, the line between secret and not secret is stark. the harsh t
last day on current tv. al jazeera america starts i guess on tuesday, but i'm not sure. >> al jazeera has a big house. >> stephanie: indeed. we will have a new television show -- we're on vacation the first week in september, but as soon as we know we'll tweet you out. and you can get the steph cast. [ bell chimes ] >> absolutely. go to to find out how. >> stephanie: yes. in the meantime, guess who is here, our thursday buddy, our pal. ♪ karl >> stephanie: karl frisch, ♪ frisch >> stephanie: good morning. >> good morning. i think i get to break the news, hence forth after your vacation, the show will be aired from jim's colonoscopy. >> stephanie: yes, and the rumor is that we're going to dog tv, but that rumor is incorrect. >> no, it is animal planet 6. >> stephanie: right. >> and they will just be sitting? our stead, feed them peanut butter, watch their mouths move. >> stephanie: karl frisch, we have to take a peak into right wing world, you know the rodeo clown incident -- >> yes. >> stephanie: it turned into a giant klan rally -- >>
% of all children live in poverty. >> stephanie: in america. >> in america. >> stephanie: you say your wealth inequality statistics are staggering, and people just hear that, but i think they don't know what that means, but the word staggering, i think is dead on, don't you? >> yeah, i mean there's words in the industrialized nation, and it has gotten a lot worse, and what he used to pride ours on, what the american dream has always been, it's upward mobility that you can be born with nothing and then die a rich person. and the statistics now are that this really doesn't happen anymore. you get to be in the middle class the same way you get to be king, by virtue of birth. we just don't move anymore >> stephanie: and how do we resolve these numbers by kicking the downed to -- down-trodden. poor shaming is the justification that people are -- leave it to americans to kick people when they are down. and that's what they did again with the farm bill. >> they tell poor people to get a job. and they have a job, and they say they can't feed their family or pay their rent, and republicans say
not on "america's got talent." >> america's got mouth noise. >> stephanie: good morning, kathleen madigan. >> we're so happy to have you here. >> i'm very happy to be here. >> i here iterrized you had -- i theorized you had stopped for cigarettes and i realized you quit. >> i quit. [ ♪ magic wand ] >> i quit three and a half years ago. it was hard. >> but i'm not happy about it. when people go congratulations like i had a baby that i like. i don't -- don't you feel better? no, i don't. i'm crabby. i've gained five pounds. get outta here! i'm not happy about it. and then i went to the lucille ball museum and she smoked until she was 78. i was like see? >> stephanie: are you going to start again? >> you can't show me things like that. >> winston churchill lived on brandy and cigars and lived to be 96. >> back then, cigarettes were at a half cent apiece. >> stephanie: cheaper to get cancer. >> hell of a lot cheaper to get cancer. >> the people go smoking's expensive. it depends on how you look at it. yeah, they're $10 a pack but there's do in the pack so it is only 50 cents apiece. if someone fo
america's underpants. i wonder what our prison cells will look like when the nsa has us all arrested for thought crime. that's spectacular. [ applause ] >> that's a huge conspiracy theory. that's like way off the reservation. >> stephanie: that and a few burns and we're ready to go. >> we need to pad captain america's underpants. >> stephanie: who got to teach spinning class yesterday? who was on the big girl bike? >> i didn't teach it but the instructor is injured and she asked me to ride for her yesterday. >> stephanie: i could not be prouder of our little girl. [ ♪ magic wand ] >> it is a lot of pressure to be up on that platform. >> did you tell her that was weakness leaving the body? >> my weakness leaving the body. >> stephanie: very proud of you. here she is, noted spinning instructor, jacki schechner. >> stop it. please. good morning, everybody. if you were early to bed and early to rise like we are, you may have missed the president's appearance on "the tonight show" last night. jay leno got pretty serious with president obama asking him questions about everything from hi
's a precept that's not unique to america, but something that should apply everywhere. stephanie: he talked about russia in general. obama: there were times when they slip back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality, and what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that's the past. stephanie: you know who this is good news for? >> who? stephanie: the guy with the freaky eyes in all the old goldie hawn movies. dueful lundgren, it's good for him. >> although he is swedish, not russian. >> his acting comes back. stephanie: what a country. >> exactly. >> his real name is probably tim smith. >> i think for the first time since the 1930's, a nazi germany analogy is apt. >> that's what i'm saying. i'm just saying. the white house canceled the face-to-face with putin. obviously this stuff, the lbgt rights and the final straw, of course, the asylum granted to snowden, the state department said we've informed the russian government we believe it will be more constructive to postpone. russian's decision to provide asylum to snowden is a consideration. the kremlin respo
. >> stephanie: you're a bad parent and you hate america if you don't take your kids to see "planes." >> your voice is all over the commercials. >> i don't know why i showed up this morning. >> right? >> number three movie this week. >> i was stopped and frisked on the way though. [ speaking foreign language ] >> stephanie: if we were in new york, you would not have made it on time. you would have been in mid-frisk. >> don't stop and frisk your brown friends. it's not right! >> stephanie: all right. so i don't know how you are on all of those nsa stuff. this is what's going to happen. all of our conspiracy theory friends are going to say i deliberately waited to do all of the stuff when jim wasn't here. and my story is that he's having a colonoscopy. not here to defend himself. no, we've been getting into -- what would you call it, chris, a spirited debate. >> yes. >> stephanie: about the nsa stuff and snowden, hero, traitor, blah, blah, blah. anyway, paul in houston writes steph, listening to jim ward talk about the nsa makes me want to pull my eyelashes out. this is the same guy who says th
when the president gets this intelligence briefing, and it's not our job to make sure that america doesn't have any attacks, and i bet if it were our job, we would have a different perspective. >> stephanie: yeah. that's how you finish the piece. and you say the mere willingness to have this conversation, let alone take some concrete steps -- and this is not just be defending the president, i really believe there should be some balance. so i was asking you, jim, how would you fix it. >> i'm reading something from the guardian, about the -- well, it's kind of a lengthy thing, but the idea that they can suck up every bit of information on us now, on the theory that some day, something that they find might be relevant -- >> stephanie: michael. right. right. what are your thoughts on that, michael? >> i think the authority right now probably is overbrood, and needs to be looked at, but one of the things obama said was that that's what they are going to look at. that's what section 215 of the patriot act is. it is that section authority that we have all of this data mining of telephone
and everything is, a america blog, and i would encourage folks to read up there. they do cover when there's developments in the story, for example the one that chris mentioned. there was a write-up where somebody went through and said here are the facts. this guy was kicked out of russia. there are two separate stolely companies now, et cetera. >> uh-huh. >> and they have walked through those complaints and issues there, and i'm still reasonably content with the explanations. >> stephanie: it has not affected one guy. russian lawmaker, we will arrest gay athletes and tourists after the olympic games. >> yeah. i have seen the typical russian person. they are not athletic if you will. >> stephanie: the gay propaganda law will remain in force during the olympic games. it comes as the russian government has assured them all athletes and spectators will be safe from arrest. he said i can say the best figure skating in the world is the soviet school of figure skating. >> stephanie: yeah, there is nothing more macho than a male figure skater. >> yeah. those blades are kept pretty sharp. >> yeah,
on tv at some point? did she do some segment? it was my favorite. >> maybe on good morning america. >> stephanie: right. something like that. >> yeah. >> stephanie: all right. dear momma and the mooks good luck with your new tv venture, i have been pestering my wife with stephan stephanie said this and stephanie said that for years -- and who doesn't. >> now she watches your show and she is doing it. we can't wait watch your show. i would tell you but i would have to kill you. we'll be on current until next week. but follow us on facebook and go to >> yes, and go to and along the top you'll see member log in, click on that, and then in the banner, you'll see subscribe exclamation point. click on that. >> stephanie: it's free! >> yes, and you see email list free. go to the bottom of that column and sign up. >> stephanie: and then you'll be on our legendary email blast. >> but facebook is the easiest way to follow us. >> stephanie: i don't do any of it. >> i know you don't. >> stephanie: i quite by quill pen and candlelight. >> four score and
the contents of vast amounts of america's emails and text communications in and out of the country hunting for people who mention information about foreigners under surveillance. while it has long known that the agency conducts searches, this reveals more about the scale of secret operations. government officials say it was authorized by the fisa amendment act which congress approved eavesdropping as long as it was a non-citizen abroad. it gets a little in the weeds for me. >> i know. stephanie: i mean, that's what's -- as we've said, jim, it's not that i don't have concerns about it, i think that's why it's not that understandable for the normal person to go i don't know what degree they're doing what exactly. >> exactly, and that's what's so troubling about it, that it's just a broad, you know, drag net. stephanie: yeah. you know what will make us feel better? maggot on fax. hi, bob. that would be a stretch to call any fax about maggots fun, but go ahead. >> they are very handy for eating dead flesh. you have a piece of flesh that's dead on your body that's rotting, doctors, american doc
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11